Zebrafish Microinjection & Transplantation Molds for High Troughput Research


These mold kit is specifically designed for Zebrafish research. The molds are turned up-side down and placed in liquid agarose gel. The handles are then used to easily remove the molds from the agarose once it has solidified. The embryos are then easily pipetted into the grooves made by the mold in the agarose. By “Drop & Tilt” you then add embryos in water, and then remove excessive water. Repeat until the grooves are filled with embryos. The width and design of the molds enable the embryos to self-align. These are the 4 mold that is included in the kit:



This mold is designed for injecting many embryos - up to 1000. The grooves made by the mold in the agarose gel will enable the embryos to self-align.




This mold is designed for larval injections. The sloped ridges makes perfect angles in the agarose gel, which then makes it easier to do the microinjecitons in the larvae.




This mold is designed for inceasing the speed of doing microinjecitons, this by turning the petri dish as you are doing the microinjections.




This mold is designed for blastomere transplantation.


KAS-21, KIT-79 & DJ-21 prints in the Agarose gel

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AT9000Zebrafish Microinjection &
Transplantation Kit (4 molds)
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These molds were designed by Dr. Satish Kitambi, CEO of K-life solutions whos been working with zebrafish for a long time. One frustrating thing about working with zebrafish is that the process of doing microinjections into the zebrafish embryos is cumbersome and time consuming.


Zebra drawings


Satish realized that one of the main problems was that the tools the professional people used were not really professional. They use agarose gel to line up the embryos for the injection, but to form a hole in the agarose to put the embryos in they use “whatever they have in the lab”, be it lids of plastic tubes or other things lying around. Satish figured they could use neatly designed molds to line up the embryos in a much more thorough way. The idea of the Zebrafish Microinjection mold was born.


Designed and patented by K-life Solutions. Manufactured by Sino-pilot.

“Have been looking for this for a long time!“

-Sushant Tirumalai (University of Hyderabad).


“Molds works very nicely and very helpful with

-Bing He (Karolinska Institutet)


“Good one, especially for transplantation!”

-Lwaki Ebarassi (Karolinska Institutet)


“Good Product, important addition to zebrafish

-Gayathri Chandrasekar (Karolinska Institutet)