Guide Cannulas

Guide Cannulas

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Disposable and reusable guides to fit your probes. Disposable are the most commonly used ones.

  • Disposable

    The Disposable Guide Cannula part is made from non-metal materials while the dummy shafts use passivated stainless steel. This ensures that the guides will be stiff during insertion. A helpful detail is the dummy shaft extension on top of the dummy head. By fixing the guide in the probe clip at this extension it is further ensured that the guide goes into...

  • Reusable

    In the re-usable Guide Cannula the guide itself is made from KEL-F and stainless steel. This makes it possible to put them in acetone after experiments. The acetone will dissolve the dental cement enabling the re-use of guides. Note that the dummies cannot and should not be put in acetone. For the AT 4 series of probes only the Cuprophane versions can be...

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