Pumps & Microsamplers

Pumps & Microsamplers

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Syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps and cooled fraction collectors specifically designed to fit in your Microdialysis setup. 

  • Microdialys Perstaltic Pump

    The MAB 20 Microdialysis Pumps is a peristaltic pump specified for low flow rates. Two different pump tubings allow for flow rates between 0,1 µl/min and 30 µl/min. The MAB 20 pump is available with 2 channels. An additional application for this pump is to use it with higher cut-off probes. Pre-calibrated tubing kits enable accurate flow rate settings...

  • Microsamplers

    - Refrigerates your samplesThe Univentor 820 Microsampler is a fraction collector designed to collect liquid samples as small as 1 µl - and to keep them cool.The Univentor 820 Microsampler operates with 20 glass or plastic vials of 300 µl volume. It can collect 20 samples from one source (Single Mode) e.g. a microdialysis probe or 2 x 10 samples from two...

  • U-801 Syringe Pump

    - Designed for Microdialysis The Univentor 801 is a microdialysis syringe pump designed for a very constant and accurate flow with high precision and reliability. A very small and affordable syringe pump.  The Univentor 801 syringe pump operates with a DC motor and advanced electronics, ensuring a very quiet constant and pulse-free flow. The U-801 pump...

  • U-864 Syringe Pump

    The Univentor 864 Syringe Pump is a high precision instrument designed for microdialysis, microinjections and infusions, 0,001µl-5ml/min. The Univentor 864 syringe pump offers a wide range of possibilities. The U-864 comes with a unique computer controlled pulse-free DC motor that ranges from 3-3000 rpm providing an extremely high precision. The most...

  • Rotating Animal Cage System

    The RACS is designed for following animal movements without the use of swivels. The system is designed for using multiple lines carrying liquid, wires, optical fibers etc. at the same time. With a highly flexible system for fixing cages to the plate a wide variety of cages/bowls may be used. A speed control enables user defined setting of the plate...

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