Anaesthesia Units

Anaesthesia Units

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The U-410 is the "standard" anaesthesia unit that will cover most users need. The U-1200 has besides some improved sensors the ability to add an external gas e.g. oxygen for longer experiments. The U-1250 incorporates a dehumidifier to the U-1200 features. 

  • U-410

    The Univentor 410 Anaesthesia unit is a complete unit for Isoflurane anaesthesia for animals weighing from 15gr up to 500gr. It has a built-in flow meter for air and vaporizer calibrated for Isoflurane.  The airflow as well as the isoflurane conc­entration are constantly shown on the display. Isoflurane is filled in a 10 ml gastight syringe and is dosed...

  • U-1200/U-1250

    The Univentor 1200 anaesthesia unit is an all-in-one unit for gas anaesthesia of animals from 50 to 500 grams, both for induction chamber, mask and ventilator. The Univentor 1200 unit offer a new way of anaesthetizing rodents. With a built-in airpump and airflow meter the user is getting an all-in-one apparatus. 

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