6kDa Cut-off

6kDa Cut-off

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AT 4 & AT 9 Series are well suited for recovering low molecular weight neurotransmitters in small CNS regions and ideal for work in rodents such as rats or larger. The AT 9 membrane OD being about 0,6 mm means a great deal bigger membrane area in contact with the tissue which increases recovery levels, compared to AT 4 and 0,2 mm OD. Tissue damage will be larger with increased membrane OD.  AT 10 Series have identical membrane as AT 4 but with significantly smaller probe and guide head making less of an imprint on top of the skull, this is a clear advantage when working with mice or small rats.

  • AT 4 Series

    The AT 4 series of probes are non-metal CNS probes made of PEEK, polyimide tubing and fused silica. The very fine dimensions make it ideal for neuroscience research in small areas. With a small membrane and shaft OD these probes make the least possible damage. PES or Cuprophane membrane with a 6 kDa cut-off Membrane O.D. 0,2mm Shaft O.D. 0,18mm Guide...

  • AT 9 Series

    The AT 9 series of probes are non-metal CNS probes made of PEEK and polyimide tubing. Same probe type as the AT 2 and AT 6 series but with a 6 kDa cut-off membrane. The AT 9 series of probes is a very common probe for CNS studies. The 6 kDa cut-off PES membrane makes it ideal for recovering low molecular compounds in awake animal settings as well as...

  • AT 10 Series

    The AT 10 series of probes are CNS probes with very fine dimensions. Available with two different membranes, PES or Cuprophane. Both with 6 kDalton’s in cut-off. This make them ideal for recovering the small neurotransmitter substances common in neuroscientific research. The PES versions are autoclaveable. The inlet/outlet is made from stainless steel...

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