Suture Instruments

Suture Instruments

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Different suture instruments for wound closure as the special designed Stille Suture Scissors.

  • Stille, Suture Scissors

    Stille suture scissors is manufactured in stainless steel rade 1.4117 which is relatively hard steel that can withstand a lot of wear. The Scissors has specially designed blades to cut sutures, withstand slippage and remain sharp through extended suture cutting without becoming dull.

  • Model Tubingen

    Tubingen suture forceps with delicate serrated tips.

  • Ochsner, Suture Forceps

    Ochsner suture forceps is a 14cm forceps with horizontal serrations.

  • Kronecker

    Kronecker suture instrument is used for guiding suture material into difficult to reach areas or deep muscle and tissue.

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