Heating Plate MTC-1

Regulating Heating Plate

The MTC-1 is a low cost temperature controller that works as a self-regulating heating plate. Utilizing a precision highly stable platinum RTD as the feedback sensor, this inexpensive controller will display and maintain a set temperature within +/- 0.1˚C. Backlit LCD readout provides continuous display of temperature with 0.1 degree resolution. The set point is easily adjusted from just above room temperature up to 99.9 degrees C via a 20 turn potentiometer.

A momentary switch allows the user to toggle the display between the set and run temperatures. The unit can be used with the heating plates but also for other applications as maintaining the temperature of 60cc perfusion syringes and small heated surfaces.

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Heating Plate, 21,5x11cm

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Heating Plate, 3,8x10,1 cm

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Micro Temperature Controller

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Dimensions 13,7 x 5 x 2,5 cm
Weight 0,5 kg including power supply
Readout 0.5” Backlit LCD
Accuracy ± 1°C
Temperature Range Ambient to 99.9°C
Resolution ± 0.1°C
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