The World's First Totally Implantable, Programmable Micro Infusion Pump for Mouse Animal Model Infusion. This implantable infusion pump uses a patented, microprocessor controlled peristalsis mechanism for accurate controlled flow. It is the only implantable and programmable pump for mice. iPRECIO can infuse fluids continuously at accurate low flow rate via software programming and it can be refilled via a percutaneously accessible port.

The pump can be completely implanted in small laboratory animals subcutaneously. Thus, the animal moves freely without any restrain (i.e. tethering) during drug infusion. Additionally, infection risk is reduced, and the animal is likely to be significantly less stressed than in a tethered infusion model.

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iPRECIO SMP-300 Management System

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iPRECIO Micro Infusion Pump mice & larger, pkg=5

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You can replenish any medical fluid in the pump via percutaneous access to the pump refill septum and reservoir after implantation of the pump. So, long-term drug infusion can continue until the installed battery life has run out. The reservoir is elastic and configured in such geometry as to allow gentle palpation to confirm an approximate level of fluid in the reservoir.


In the easy to use state-of-the-art iPRECIO software, header information along with infusion profile details are entered and ultimately downloaded to the pump's flash memory. Start Time, End Time, Flow-rate (0.0µl/hour to 10.0µl/hour), and infusion profiles maybe programmed. These profiles include sustained release, modified release, chrono release and pulsatile release. A total of 16 steps with repeat function allow both complex and simple infusion profiles to be programmed. 

A recovery period may also be programmed using the Keep Vein Open Function (KVO) where saline is initially filled in the reservoir. A dead volume flushing function also ensures that the test compound reaches the animal at the programmed time point.


SMP-300 Micro Infusion Pump allows in-vivo re-programming for maximum flexibility. If no effect is detected, in addition to refilling with a higher concentration TA/drug, reprogramming to higher flow-rate is possible.


The technology driving the infusion is a patented "Rotary Finger" method. This method is a unique form of peristalsis. The precise "micro-stick" pushes a rubber tube in the pump in a uniform and sequential manner. The accuracy of iPRECIO is +/-5%.

Battery Life

Flow RateDays (approx)  
10μL/hr 7 days
1μL/hr 16 days
0 & 0,1μL/hr 19 days



Dimensions 24.8 x 15.0 x 7.2 mm (not including outer catheter and wire anntena)
Weight 3.3 grams
Accuracy ±5% (under 0 - 80 cmH2O pressure)
Battery Continuous driving life : FR 0.1µL/hr:19 days FR 10.0µL/hr:1 week
Type of Usage Disposable
Infusion Method Rotary Finger Method (patented peristalsis)
Reservoir 130μL Built-in Elastic Reservoir (Medical Grade SEBS)
Tubing Medical Grade SEBS
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