Vials & Caps

Vials & Caps

Collecting microdialysis manually or in a fraction collector are common ways of obtaining samples for analysis.

The Sample Vials fit with most fraction collectors used in microdialysis. They also work in many HPLC autosamplers directly or via using vial inserts. Typically the vials can hold max 300µl of volume which usually is far more than needed for sample collection. Two types are available depending on what type of sample that is to be collected.

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Sample vials, polystyrene, 300 uL, box of 1000

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Sample vials, polypropylene 300 uL, box of 1000

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Caps re-sealing, Santopren Box of 1000

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Plastic vial Polyethylene, 300 uL, pkg=1000pcs

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Vial Labels, pkg= 16 sheets, 800 labels

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Vial Label Rack

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The Polystyrene version is similar to glass in appearance and also in characteristics. Good properties regarding minimal sample loss due to evaporation, critical when collecting small volumes at low flow rates. The Polypropylene version is known for being non ”sticky” which make them better suited for compounds that tend to attach to materials.

The vials can be used for collecting sample with or without the re-sealing caps. If using a fraction collector for the sampling some units can be configured for the use of caps. It is also possible to put on aluminum type of crimp caps with separate septas. A clear advantage of using re-sealing caps is that air cannot enter into the vial after the sample collection has been completed. A sharp steel cannula will slide through the Santopren in the cap which will seal back once the cannula is withdrawn. The cannula reaches the bottom of the vial so that even small volumes of samples can be collected. Vials and caps stand freezing and we recommend that he vials are stored in the freezer in a standing position.

Vial Labels
The Vial Labels come in sheets of 50 numbered labels per sheet. There are eight different colors and each color come in sheets with framed numbers and numbers without frame. It means 16 x 50 = 800 unique labeling possibilities in each package. The labels are designed to fit 300 µl vials commonly used in microdialysis and other laboratory sampling. Vials with an outer diameter of 5,5 mm can be labeled with these vial labels. The small size of the label flag makes them fit into small compartment fraction collectors and autosamplers.

Using the Vial Label Rack make the process easier and quicker. A label sheet is placed on the rack and vials are pulled through the labels in a distinct and precise manner. The rack holds one sheet and the rack itself can be used indefinitely unless somehow mechanically damaged by accident.

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