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Many agents do not cross the blood-brain barrier sufficiently to evaluate their effects on the brain without delivering them locally. Cerebral injection is one local delivery method, but it can be challenging to deliver an effective dose in a physiologically-compatible volume. In addition, the agent may not remain in the target location long enough to see an effect. For many compounds, local infusion directly into the brain is the only way to generate reliable data. ALZET pumps have been used in hundreds of published neuroscience studies to infuse agents, from growth factors to siRNA to psychoactive drugs and more, to the central nervous system. The ALZET Brain Infusion Kits are designed specifically for use with ALZET pumps for targeted delivery to the central nervous system.

They can be used in two ways:

  • Infusion into the cerebral ventricles exposes a wide variety of brain regions to the infusate via the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the brain.
  • Direct microperfusion of discrete brain structures results in localized distribution of infusate in the target tissue.

Each ALZET Brain Infusion Kit includes materials for 10 brain infusions:

  • 10 Brain Infusion Cannulae
  • 10 Vinyl Catheter Tubes
  • 40 Depth-Adjustment Spacers
  • Instruction Sheet

How to use the Brain Infusion Kits

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Via a catheter, ALZET® Osmotic Pumps can deliver substances into vessels, spinal cord, cerebral ventricles and brain parenchyma, and other organs or tissues. Many specialized catheters can be offered, compatible with ALZET pumps, to enable targeted delivery to a variety of sites. ALZET pumps can be attached to catheter tubing with I.D ranging from 0.58 mm to 0.76 mm. Click here for information about compatibility of ALZET specialized catheters with various solutions/vehicles.

Polyethylene (PE) and Vinyl Tubing

Medical grade PE and Vinyl tubing, the most common catheter types used in laboratory animal research, are available sterile, individually packaged, and ready to use. Features:

  • Sterile
  • Medical grade
  • Pre-cut to 15 cm lengths
  • Individually packaged
  • Ready to use
  • Fit all pump models

Specialized Catheters

Several specialized catheters are available; each supplied sterile (ETO sterilized):

  • Jugular
  • Femoral
  • Intrathecal 
  • Intraperitoneal 

These are available for both rat and mouse. Please visit our Catheters Section

Stereotaxic Holders

These KOPF stereotaxic holders enables stereotaxic placement of brain cannula onto the skull of laboratory animals for CNS delivery applications. They are specially designed to grip the removable tab on all ALZET brain infusion cannulae during brain cannulation. These holders are compatible with the most common stereotaxic frames.



Is designed to hold a wide variety of guide cannulas, manufactured by ALZET and Plastics One. Holds 3,5 mm diameter pedestal.



Is designed to hold a wide variety of guide cannulas manufactured by ALZET and Plastic One. Recommended for bilateral cannula placement. Holds 3,5 mm diameter pedestal.

Loctite 454

Loctite 454 is an instant adhesive gel for use with ALZET® Brain Infusion Kits and other brain infusion cannulae. It offers a convenient alternative to cranioplastic dental cements. A very thin layer on the base of the pedestal adheres the cannula to the skull. Researchers have found it to be ideal for use in mice and other small animals when using short pedestal cannulae.


Product Description & Applications

  • Instant adhesive gel for use with ALZET ® Brain Infusion Kits and other brain infusion cannulae

  • One 3 gram tube is enough for >10 brain infusion cannulae implantations
  • A convenient alternative to cranioplastic / dental cement
  • A very thin layer on the base of the pedestal adheres the cannula to the dry skull
  • Ideal for use in mice and other small animals when using short pedestal cannulae
  • Application technical tip CLICK HERE (EXTERNAL LINK)

ALZAID® Chemical Compatibility Test Kit

The ALZAID Test Kit allows assessment of agent and solvent compatibility with ALZET pumps. Use of this kit is strongly recommended under the following circumstances:

  • The desired solvent is not known to be compatible with the pump reservoir (refer to list below)
  • The agent is in its free base form
  • The agent is known to bind tenaciously to polymeric materials

The ALZAID test kit can be used to determine the compatibility of the solvent alone or agent-solvent combinations by following the recommended procedures. Each test kit contains polymeric beads which consist of the same materials as the ALZET pump reservoir. The kit contains materials for four experiments.

Note: Ethanol is not compatible in concentrations exceeding 15%. This kit cannot be used to evaluate compatibility of solutions containing higher concentrations of ethanol.

An agent or solvent that is incompatible with the pump’s reservoir material still can be pumped using an ALZET pump. This is done by attaching an “external reservoir” to the pump. The contents of the external reservoir are displaced by the action of the pump. The external reservoir can be created easily, such as from coiled PE-60 catheter tubing, in a technique known as the Lynch coil. More about this simple technique

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