Bergström Muscle Biopsy Cannula

The Bergström muscle biopsy cannula consists of a sharp tipped, hollow outer needle with a small opening near the tip. A punch with a sharp edge fits tightly into the needle. The stylet is used for pushing out biopsy specimens from the punch.

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STILLE, Bergström Muscle Biopsy Cannula, 5mm dia

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How it works

The Bergström-needle works using the so-called Bergström technology. It creates suction by putting your thumb over the hole while pulling the puncher up of the outer needle. The muscle tissue is then sucked in through the slot on the side of the outer needle. When then pressing down the puncher the biopsy is located in the tip of the puncher (which has a round cutting edge at the tip). The stylet is then used to push out the biopsy out of the puncher.

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