U-2010 Scavenger (8338001)


The Univentor 2010 Scavenger is designed to collect and inactivate any surplus anaesthetic gas that is produced when using the Univentor 410 or 1200/1250 units to provide a safer working environment.

The gas is collected and passed through active coal contained in a cartridge. As the cartridge approaches saturation successive alarms are triggered providing ample warning. The unit has three different alarms to allow the user to change the cartridge at desired values. When using an induction chamber and a mask the Scavenger Gas Routing Switch should be used to enable correct and safe switching between the two.

As the U-2010 is designed for the user in focus it is equipped with a sensor test. This is performed so that the user can ensure that the sensor is working properly and that no exhausts is entering the ambient air. This is easily done using the sensor test adaptor delivered with the unit.

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U-2010 Scavenger, with 4 charcoal cartridges

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Gas Routing Switch Scavenger

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Active Coal Cartridge (4)

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