Silicon tubing


The silicon rubber tubing is inert and contains no harmful plasticizers. Silicon is essentially non-reactive and the tubing will remain its flexibility through a temperature range of -73˚C to 260˚C. The tubing may be autoclaved and re-sterilized without altering physical characteristics. Supplied non-sterile but clean without talc.

Art. No.

SIL 025

Silicon tubing, OD 0,64mm, ID 0,30mm, 8 meter

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SIL 037

Silicon tubing, OD 0,94mm, ID 0,64mm, 8 meter

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SIL 047

Silicon tubing, OD 1,19mm, ID 0,64mm, 8 meter

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SIL 065

Silicon tubing, OD 1,65mm, ID 0,76mm, 8 meter

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SIL 080

Silicon tubing, OD 2,03mm, ID 1,02mm, 8 meter

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