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Stellar Implantable Telemetry from TSE Systems

Stellar Telemetry: Implantable animal telemetry system measuring blood, pressure, heart rate, biopotentials, temperature and activity.

Stellar Telemetry is the next generation of implantable telemetry technology. The system allows monitoring of unlimited animals with just one (1) receiver(!), allowing group housing AND social interaction studies AND monitoring of animals without the need for individual dedicated platforms under each cage. Further, no other system on today’s market allows researchers the freedom to move(!) your animals from their home cage for the purpose of performing specific tests anywhere in your facility with no loss in data thanks to on-board storage.

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Stellar Implantable Telemetry from TSE Systems

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Animals are allowed to roam freely and interact in groups with no restriction in size and number. No large complicated, cumbersome set-ups required, just one (1) receiver and transmitters are all that is required to perform studies. The Stellar Telemetry system can be implanted into any animal from mice up to bears even aquatic animals with no additional items required. Finally an implantable telemetry system for research that performs with great efficiency, and ease without the large capital expense output required with other systems on the market.


Stellar Telemetry transmitters allow measurement of activity,pressure, electrocardiogram, electro-encephalogram (, electromyography (EMG), electrooculography (EOG), heart rate and temperature in a hermetically sealed implanted system. All leads feature solid state pressure tipped sensors, eliminating slow frequency response, head pressure and animal movement noise which are associated with fluid filled catheters. Transmitters can be ordered in any combination of the following: Pressure / ECG / EEG / EMG / EOG / Heart Rate. Temperature and Activity are included standard with any transmitter configuration.

Stellar Telemetry Receiver and Antenna

Monitor numerous animals with a single receiver. Receive your data from anywhere in the lab. Animals may also be removed from receiver range while the implant is still recording their parameters with Stellar’s unique built-in self-scheduling/data storage capabilities. Data transfer of the stored data is resumed once the animal is within range. Real-Time waveforms can be reviewed to guide implantation or provide acute feedback. The new analog output function can be used for real-time recording and synchronization with external devices and recordings. The antenna can be placed in a room, on the wall, ceiling, or even in another room by utilizing the 5m transmission range. The array feature may be used by corporating additional antennas to cover even larger areas.


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