PhenoMaster Metabolic Home Cage System from TSE System

PhenoMaster – flexible high-end modular and automated home cage system

The TSE PhenoMaster / LabMaster is a uniquely flexible modular high-throughput phenotyping platform for single or up to 128 mice or rats simultaneously. It equips scientists of various different research fields with state-of-the-art technology for fully automated and perfectly synchronized metabolic, behavioural, and physiological monitoring – indirect gas calorimetry, food and liquid intake, locomotor activity, exercise, learning and memory, blood pressure, heart rate, biopotentials, and more – all these different aspects can be monitored within a single PhenoMaster system.

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PhenoMaster Metabolic Home Cage System from TSE System

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The home cage principle

The home cage principle was introduced by TSE Systems a decade ago. The idea behind this intriguing principle is simple - to maintain the animal in a familiar, stress-reduced environment. Housing and testing animals in stress-reduced home cage environments is not only consistent with increased awareness and respect for animal welfare, it also creates experimental conditions that increase the validity of your results.


The TSE PhenoMaster Software is designed as multi-modular platform to manage and integrate information from all different hardware components. If one day however, you decide to operate one module outside the PhenoMaster (in another cage or room) as stand-alone system – no problem. To allow for maximal flexibility, each hardware module can also be operated and managed by its dedicated software package.


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