Intellicage by New Behaviour from TSE Systems

IntelliCage by NewBehavior allows automated cognitive and behavioral screening of mutant or treated mice living in social groups.

The IntelliCage is designed for long-term high-throughput investigation of cognitive abilities in laboratory mice. Socially housed mice can perform a variety of freely programmable behavioral tasks in their home cage. Simple to complex conditioning tasks or experiments can be graphically designed in a uniquely flexible manner and controlled for each individual animal in the IntelliCage. The individually tailored experimental protocols are automatically run and analyzed for large numbers of transponder tagged animals simultaneously in the same cage.

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Intellicage by New Behaviour from TSE Systems

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This allows the investigation of experimentally induced phenotypic or genotypic effects on cognitive abilities as well as activity patterns. Such behavioral screening is frequently required in biomedical and basic behavioral, neurobiological, pharmacological and genetic research, and can be conducted in the IntelliCage with exceptionally high efficiency, standardization and minimal work load.

Transponder Technology

  • Subcutaneously injected RFID-transponders allow animal recognition – a key feature of the system
  • Up to 16 mice can be housed within one single IntelliCage
  • For high-throughput testing up to 8 IntelliCages can be connected to a single computer

Operant Corner Technology

  • A single IntelliCage contains 4 identical operant conditioning corners, each may accommodate one mouse at a time
  • Each operant corner is equipped with a combination of actors for shaping the animal’s behavior according to individualized reinforcement and conditioning protocols

IntelliCage Plus Software

The functionality of the IntelliCage is achieved by the unique and user-friendly IntelliCage Plus Software consisting of three separate parts:

  • Designer
  • Controller
  • Analyzer


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