Multi Conditioning System

Multi Conditioning System from TSE Systems

One system - nine paradigms.

The TSE Multi Conditioning System is the first multi-purpose modular test platform on today’s market accommodating nine standard conditioning paradigms for the evaluation of learning, memory, emotion and stress-related behaviors in mice and rats. The universal base unit can be extended easily with a large variety of modular arenas and accessories, thus providing unique flexibility. More than that - The Multi Conditioning System is highly cost-effective especially if several paradigms are needed, and it saves valuable space in the laboratory since one base unit supports all nine paradigms. The combination is more than the sum of its components.

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Multi Conditioning System from TSE Systems

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The following paradigms can be assessed with the Multi Conditioning System: Fear Conditioning, Panic Response, Active and Passive Avoidance, Learned Helplessness, Conditioned Place Preference, Latent Inhibition, Light-Dark Test and Open Field Locomotor Activity.

Recommended reading: Gräff et al., Nature 483(7388), 2012 An epigenetic blockade of cognitive functions in the neurodegenerating brain using the fear conditioning module of TSE Systems´ Multi Conditioning System, this group at MIT, Cambridge, MA was able to demonstrate that cognitive abilities are blocked by epigenetic mechanisms and reinstated by a novel modus operandi.

Universal Base Unit

  • Housing with new sound attenuation & ventilator
  • White house lights of variable intensity with integrated covers for red light conditions
  • LEDs for stimulus presentation, individually controlled and of variable intensity (max 1000 lux) with integrated blue covers (covers of different colors optionally available)
  • Background white noise generator
  • Stimulus sine sound & noise generator with variable intensity (max 100dB) and frequency (2 – 22 kHz), for constant or pulsating sounds
  • Ultrasound (22kHz) for panic response tests in rats
  • High-resolution infrared light beam frame for fast (100Hz) movement detection in 3 dimensions

Modular Arenas & Accessories

  • Arenas of various sizes, designs, materials & colors, incl. home cages
  • Arenas can be used with the shock grid, a grid cover plate, or a litter/sand tray
  • Grid cover plates are available with different surface structures for tactile discrimination
  • Special arenas with visual wall cues
  • Various dividers for two-compartment paradigms with/without gate, optionally automated
  • Simultaneous video monitoring from up to 2 angles
  • Flexible aluminum bars allow camera installation anywhere within the housing
  • Species-specific shock grid, usable in two orientations, with 8-rod pattern for guaranteed shock delivery
  • The sliding floor facilitates accessing/ changing the arena
  • Accessories of 3rd party products can be integrated into the experimental procedure via TTL signaling, controlled by the MCS Software
  • Testing under any lighting condition and in complete darkness


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