Anchor Screws

Anchor & Bone Screws

Anchor Screws
These Stainless Steel Anchor Screws are used to reinforce the dental cement when fixating a Guide Cannula to the bone. The tip of the screw is flat to minimize any damage and require a pre-drilled hole.

Self-Tapping Bone Screws
Also used to anchor dental cement to bone without drilling. These self-tapping screws have superior holding strength over ordinary machine screws. Stainless steel with fillister flat head.

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Anchor Screws, 1x2mm, pkg=100

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Anchor Screws, 1x3mm, pkg=100

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Anchor Screws 2x3mm, pkg=100

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Self-Tapping Bone Screws 4,0x0,86mm, pkg=100

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Self-Tapping Bone Screws 4,8x1,19mm, pkg=100

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