Balanced Instruments

Balanced instruments are designed to put the center of gravity between the thumb and index finger. This is accomplished by adding a slight counter weight to the proximal end of the instruments. The design enhances tactile feel, aiding in better control and precision.

Vessel Dilators
The tips of these multipurpose forceps are configured to enable their use as dilators at the front, as well as needle holders and tying forceps further in the back. The platform at the tips close parallel ensuring a reliable grip.

Art. No.


Rhoton Vessel Dilator, Straigh 0,1x4mm tip, Platform, 14,5cm

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Rhoton Vessel Dilator, Straigh 0,3x4mm tip, Platform, 15cm

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Rhoton Vessel Dilator, Angled Smooth, 0,2mm tip, 15cm

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